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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Liberal Law Professors

A good read on today about liberal bias in law school academia that plagues our system:

And Miami? Infested. Big time. But tolerant of politically incorrect views like mine.

Frankly the more serious problem is the garbage articles spewed out by the overabundance of Law Reviews. I'm not even talking about biases here, I'm talking about so many articles so poorly written and edited that the reader can't even discern what the author is saying. Authors just make up words like Jesse Jackson does, thinking readers are fooled into thinking they know what they're talking about by adding the suffixes -ation, -ing, -ance and -ism to every other word and sprinkling in latin phrases: "Marbury v. Madison was the extrication of the exhuberance irreplausibly presenting the Court endeavoring to triangulate, per se, the ramification of the politicization of racism, novation, and baptism."

In other words, the liberal bias in law school is of little consequence because most of the time nobody knows what the hell they're talking about.


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