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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

UM Law Liberal Bias Wrapup

Well friends the end is near. Final summary of the latest UM Law liberal biases on my mind:


Prof. D. Marvin Jones continues to write about white racism towards minorities, but what about hatemongering towards white males? White males are attacked by UM student organizations, and Jones sleeps.

Republican Supporters:

Prof. M. Froomkin loves to imply that misbehaving Republican supporters proves his "point" that liberals have the moral high ground. Oddly, he never seems to notice when liberals behave like animals.

Due Process:

Liberal ex-Yalie UM Law profs are obsessed with the Padilla case, insistent that every legal avenue available to release bloodthirsty terrorists are explored and capitalized on, and that the government is chastised any time it pursues the prosecution with too much zeal. But if you're just a run-of-the-mill white boy with no ties to terrorism, if the State overzealously hounds you it seems the bulldogs don't feel its an issue worth speaking out about. Would their attitude towards the Padilla case be any different if the only evidence against him was the testimony of a stripper with a criminal past?


Strike posts below speak for themselves. Although I will say there is something amusing about watching Komerades Fischl and Casebeer keep Shalala off balance. I disagree with their position, but you have to tip your hat when an underdog puts up a good fight. I also respect them for actually taking action, unlike most of the ivory towered liberals here who feel the way to solve perceived social problems is to pen obscure law review articles.


Nothing has changed since 1L. If anything, faculty has become more liberal and more biased. Fortunately they still grade fairly, and usually give students a chance to speak and argue in class. However, I have noticed that conservative students are becoming more and more annoyed by the bias.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Every UM Law Student MUST READ

A UM Law student has uncovered an issue of great importance. Read his insight here:

Seriously. Take a break from strike thoughts and outlining for upcoming exams. Read what he has to say.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Nice USNWR Jump

Good news. Perhaps old news to some, but I just found out. I made no effort to check the sources, but I think last year UM Law was ranked #73, and now its at #65.

There are many critiques of the USNWR rankings available online, and many law schools game the system. I know very well that UM Law plays the game just like the rest. UM Law offers scholarship money to 165+ LSAT scores like nobody's business, and those students would never have come but for the full or nearly-full rides. Many transfer out....

But employers and clients usually aren't that sophisticated when it comes to these matters, and thus in their minds 65 is better than 73. So I tip my hat to Dean V. and Dean L. and say "play on, playa.".